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Route 8 "Rest at Shivilig arzhaan"

Route 8 "Rest at Shivilig arzhaan"


Tour duration: 7 days / 6 nights

Route length is 342 km from Kyzyl to Teeli village, then 17 km to Bai-Tal village and 16 km on off-road to Shivilig. Total - 375 km.

Date of dispatch according to the route:

Sending off is every seven days in July-August

(if there is a group of 8-10 people, it is possible to make a 5% discount)


Treatment at arzhaans (=mineral water springs) has the following features:

Hydrotherapeutic procedures in this arzhaan (mineral spring) take 3-4 times a day. Start with 30 seconds and gradually raise  to 5 minutes, it is the maximum, otherwise you will have signs of dizziness, nausea, weakness.

You should put under a stream of arzhaan aching joints, spine and especially a place where osteochondrosis is very aching. Then, you should dry without toweling and patting yourself. Do not keep your head and neck under the running water!

After hydrotherapeutic procedures it is recommended to dress very warmly.

Children, if they do not suffer from chronic diseases, are not recommended to take hydrotherapeutic procedures, they drink only water sources.

Radon water of  arzhaan Churek (upper source) is recommended for external use in the treatment of diseases of the peripheral nervous system, the cardiovascular and loco motor systems. A sufficient number of silicic acid suggests anti-inflammatory properties of water, organic carbon - the usefulness in urological diseases.

It is strictly forbidden to be treated by radon sources for people with cancer, infectious skin diseases, tuberculosis!

Cost of route:

Group of 10 people - 5130 rubles per person;

Group of 8 people - 5750 rubles per person.

Group of 6 people - 6790 rubles per person.

Basic services:

• Transfer (Kyzyl - Shivilig - Kyzyl);

• Accommodation in small houses (two- and three seated)

• Hiking

• Insurance

Additional services (extra pay):

- Hiking and horseback tours in the area of Bai-Taiga;

- Billiards and tennis.


For more information: Kyzyl, Titova Street, 36. Tel: 8 (39422) 3-28-11,       +7-913-350-70-05, +7-929-314-70-05