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Route 9 "Red Stone" (Azas Reserve)

Route 9 "Red Stone"

(Azas Reserve)


Tour duration: 4 days / 3 nights

Very beautiful but difficult road through the taiga (=deep forest), the distance is about 300 km (7 hours in average).


Date of dispatch according to the route: on the client’s request.



1. Arrival of tourists in Azas lake. Distance from Toora-Khem village to Azas lake is 28 km.

2. Meeting at Azas lake and passage by motorboat to "Red Stone" cordon (=the reserve border) where there is "Alan-Tos" campsite, a journey time is about 30 minutes.

3. Accommodation in a 4-seated house, there is a kitchen for cooking, meals are not included.

4. PROHIBITED: fishing, gathering berries, rare plants on the territory of the reserve.

Cost of route:

5512 rubles per person (road expenses+accomodation), food expenses are not included!

Additional services (extra pay):

Rent of a motorboat of small size with a motodriver up to 8 people, 60 minutes cost 786 rubles.

Excursion costs 480 rubles per group.

Parking lot in Toora-Khem village costs 100 rubles per 24 hours on the territory of “Azas” reserve office.

Also on the request, guests can visit "The camp of reindeer herders", here the guide will introduce visitors to the life of indigenous Tuva – Todzha people with their history, cultural traditions and way of life, it is possible to find traces of wild animals such as a wild boar, bear, deer. There are also rare plants that are in the red book (lily, cranberry woods, peony, rare orchids, globe-flower, etc.).


Fishing opportunities are outside of the reserve.


For more information: Kyzyl, Titova Street, 36. Tel: 8 (39422) 3-28-11,       +7-913-350-70-05, +7-929-314-70-05